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Real Estate photos for Ashland, Oregon and the Rogue Valley


Real Estate photos for MLS listings in Ashland and throughout the Rogue Valley in Jackson County, Oregon. High quality photographs from professional photographers—created quickly, affordably, and delivered ready for MLS and for print. Virtual Tour included at no extra charge!

If the property you're selling could benefit from aerial photography, we've got you covered.

Ashland Real Estate Photos partners with local UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, aka "drones" or quadcopter) pilots, ideal for low-altitude photography, as well as Ashland Municipal Airport based pilot Joseph Hovelman of Mountain High Aviation, a fixed wing aircraft pilot with aircraft designed for aerial photography, utilized for high altitude photography. Rates are billed hourly and are in addition to standard Real Estate photography fees.

Quadcopter Photography

Quadcopter photography is priced at $125 per hour with a two hour minimum. Both video and still images can be created.

This type of photography is ideal for low-flying situations, such as aerial tours of an expansive yard, low-level fly-bys of a house, cruising up a grand driveway entrance, flying a loop around the property, and so-on.

Aerial Photography

Flying a Cessna 206, we are able to provide the highest quality images and from much higher altitude. We fly doors-off to ensure an unobstructed view of your property. Since the photographer is in the plane, the same high quality cameras are used here as are used on the ground (unlike quadcopters which can only carry the weight of a small cameras). 4K video and print-resolution still images can be captured in this method, and are ideal for acreage properties such as vineyards and farmland, and can also be printed at very large sizes.

The rate for the Cessna is $550 per hour of air time for the airplane and pilot, and $125 per hour for the photographer. If your shoot requires distance and/or waiting (i.e. flying to the coast and waiting for ideal weather conditions), there is a two-hour minimum. 

Legalities with UAVs in Commercial Use

Right about now you may be wondering why it's so expensive to operate a drone for this use. After all, drones are cheap and anyone can fly one, right? Sure — for personal use. The "anyone" part does not apply to commercial use. It is currently against FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations to fly a drone for commercial use without a special permit or license. While technically anyone can fly a drone and take some pictures of your house, it won't be legal, and as a business owner, we won't take the risk. If the drone caused property damage, we could be sued out of existence, and since we would have been breaking the law, no amount of justification or preparation would protect us. 

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