Ashland Real Estate Photos

Real Estate photos for Ashland, Oregon and the Rogue Valley


Real Estate photos for MLS listings in Ashland and throughout the Rogue Valley in Jackson County, Oregon. High quality photographs from professional photographers—created quickly, affordably, and delivered ready for MLS and for print. Virtual Tour included at no extra charge!

Real Estate Photography & Video Rates

Our services include…

  • Standard photos — a collection of photographs inside and out to best depict your property, delivered in multiple resolutions for MLS, web and print

  • Virtual Tour — a slideshow of the above photos, set to music, with a title card*

  • Video Tour — a video walk through of the entire home, set to music, with title card*

  • Aerial Photography & Video — shot from a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)

* Title card on virtual tour and videos can display whatever information you would like (address, contact number, etc.). There are restrictions by MLS which you know better than I — when you supply the text you want included, be sure you consider this! 


Standard Photos & Virtual Tour, under 3,000 sq ft (private residence) — $250
Standard Photos & Virtual Tour, 3,000 – 5,000 sq ft (private or commercial) — $350
Standard Photos & Virtual Tour, over 5,000 sq ft (private or commercial) — $450

Standard Photos and Video, under 3,000 sq ft (private residence) — $400
Standard Photos and Video, over 3,000 sq ft (private or commercial) — starting at $600

Video only, under 3,000 sq ft — $350
Video only, over 3,000 sq ft — $500

Large undeveloped land (acreage), standard and aerial photos — $200 + mileage rate (see notes below)

Twilight Photography — $175

Exterior Only — $175

Aerial Photos and Video — $300

Aerial Photos — $150

Same Day Cancellation — $75

Custom photography, lighting, staging, models, etc. for those really, really special homes — quoted on request

Notes, exceptions and add-ons

A few details that can vary the prices above…

  • Community Center or other shared common area adds $25 additional

  • Re-outputs of video or still photos due to incorrect information supplied will require a $50 re-render fee

  • Exceptionally large properties will be quoted as-needed

  • Mileage over 20 miles Ashland will be billed at IRS standard rates (58¢/mile), plus $50/hour

  • Rush fees for rapid delivery of files: 50% rush for 48 hour turnaround; 100% rush for 24 hour turnaround

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