Ashland Real Estate Photos

Real Estate photos for Ashland, Oregon and the Rogue Valley


Real Estate photos for MLS listings in Ashland and throughout the Rogue Valley in Jackson County, Oregon. High quality photographs from professional photographers—created quickly, affordably, and delivered ready for MLS and for print. Virtual Tour included at no extra charge!


We use professional cameras and lenses by Panasonic, Canon, or other high-end camera manufacturers. All photos are taken on tripods to ensure time and care is put into framing every shot.

A high perspective "aerial" photo will be created, conditions permitting, of your listing. The photo will be taken from a height of about 15 to 20 feet on top of a tall pole. If true aerial or drone photography is desired, this is available (see rates page).


If the scene includes indoor and outdoor lighting (i.e. a living room with a view of the yard), we will create a "high dynamic range" image, also known as HDR, to ensure the viewer can see details both indoors and out. Here at Ashland Real Estate Photos, we are not fans of the extremely saturated "HDR look" that prevails throughout the web and with many (most!) real estate listings. We work hard to strike a balance between scenes looking realistic and not overly-saturated or overly-textured, while still being able to see important details in the bright highlights outdoors and darker shadows indoors.

Images will be provided distortion-free, or in the case of extremely wide views, with as minimum distortion as possible.

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